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This is a website for Corvette enthusiasts to learn about some interesting new products for Corvettes which have been designed and made by a Corvette owner from Canada. Products are featured on this site and are available to order.

Thanks all for spreading the word about the gadgets and the very, very positive feedback. Word-of-mouth referrals are the nicest compliment - thank you!!!

What we offer...

1. C4 EZ Vent - hatch vent for C4 Coupes (1984-1996)

2. C4 and C5 Auto Headlight DEFEAT (1990-2004 models) - manual conversion device for Canadian C5 Corvettes

3. "C5 EZ Vent" hatch vent )

4. "C6 EZ Vent" hatch vent

Who is the GadgetMan?

The GadgetMan is a Corvette owner from Ontario Canada. He has owned eight Corvettes over the years and is currently enjoying a C4 Ruby.

As a hobby he enjoys tinkering and fixing Corvettes and this has led him to find creative solutions to problems with cars. His ability to think outside-the-box and approach new and old problems in a simple straight forward design process has led him to design various products, tools and gadgets. Steel is the preferred medium for construction but he is also comfortable with electrical and mechanical components.

Contrary to what many may think, EZ Vent is not his first product idea. For over 20 years he has been inventing and designing things for fun as a hobby. Gadgets and items have been made solely for his own personal use or for friends. Some of his one-of-a kind creations have been featured in the former Corvette magazine, Shark Quarterly*.

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