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ez-vent1.JPG (34K)
View of EZ-Vent and new/improved EZ-Vent


Over the spring/summer of 2005 the GadgetMan revisited the design of the C4 EZ Vent. He has made one more minor change to the design style of the C4 EZ Vent.

The post extension has been modified and is now "MAGNETIC". This is quite slick. Just slip it over the post extension - that's it. No more finger tightening the set screw. Installation time could be down to about 5 seconds!

At this point in time the post extension is not available to be purchased separately. Each magnetic post extension is matched up in length and height to the EZ Vent hook and works as a unit when latching to the hatch/latch mechanism. This is important.

You will need to purchase a NEW C4 EZ Vent to use the new and improved "magnetic" style of EZ Vent.

The C4 EZ Vent has been around for about five years now. For many of you C4rs who are currently using a C4 EZ Vent, there is really no need to purchase the new "magnetic" style (unless you are just really curious to see what the GadgetMan has re-designed). Again, the only difference is the new post extension C4 EZ Vent is magnetic and does not need to be finger tightened. The functionality has not changed and even the look has really not changed.

As of June 2006, the price is being slightly increased due to the exchange rates and the increase in mailing costs. C4 EZ Vent will be available at $29.99 USD and includes shipping!
ez-vent1.JPG (34K)
Rear View of EZ-Vent

ez-vent1.JPG (34K)
Open View of EZ-Vent

ez-vent1.JPG (34K)
View of EZ-Vent

What is it?

EZ Vent is a NEW unique style of hatch vent for C4 Corvettes (1984-1996 Corvette coupe models). There has been an increased interest in the EZ Vent as it is a new unique design and an alternative hatch vent solution for C4 coupes. EZ Vent is compatible with interior light/alarm systems and is more secure than any other vent currently on the market

How does it work?

A hatch vent is a device designed to hold the rear window open approximately 2 inches to allow air flow through the passenger compartment with the roof off. A hatch vent will allow the interior to stay cooler when parked with the roof on. It is also helpful to reduce the wind turbulence/resonance noise.

Please note: As with all hatch vent devices, it is not recommended to drive the vehicle with the roof on and the hatch open as this could possibly draw exhaust fumes into the passenger compartment. Other situations such as driving slow, heavy tailwind, etc. could reduce air flow through the passenger compartment and allow exhaust fumes to enter through the rear hatch. As with all such hatch vent devices you will notice that there will be some movement of the glass when driving. This is normal as the window is no longer making tight contact with the window seal.

Why was this new product/design created by the GadgetMan?

As many C4 coupe owners can attest to, when your vehicle is parked with the roof on the interior of the Corvette can get very very hot. The other problem was travelling with the roof off and the wind would flow naturally to the hatch area and this created a wind resonance buffeting noise which was hard on the ears. Having heard such positive comments on how hatch vents would resolve both these problems, it was decided to order one.

On checking the cost to order one of the popular hatch vents on the market it was going to be expensive to buy one and ship it to Canada (USD/exchange, shipping, handling, etc.). So the GadgetMan decided to just design & build a gadget for his own C4. Functionality of the hatch vent to be designed had to ensure that the gadget was compatible with the interior light and alarm system, secure, and EZ to install with no tools. EZ Vent evolved, a new and different design of hatch vent.

Since then other C4 owners noticed the new style of hatch vent in the C4 and/or they heard about it. Word-of-mouth referrals by satisfied EZ Vent owners/customers has been key to its popularity.

What does it look like?

It is a compact unit. EZ Vent's main components are made of steel. The main unit is a steel hook and clamp assembly that holds the window open. It is either painted or rubber coated. The post extension that slides over your stock post is a combination of steel and magnetic material. Each piece is hand crafted and matched in length to work as a complete unit, together. Installation instructions are included with the unit. It is neatly packaged in a small packet for storage when not in use. The console area between the seats is a great storage spot for it on those rainy summer days.

Installation is EZ?

It is a very quick and EZ install (10 seconds or less according to one satisfied customer). No tools are required to install. Installation instructions are provided with the unit in the packet. It is very straight forward. Once EZ Vent is installed the rear window does not need to be pushed down hard. Close the window slowly and it should just "click" into place nicely. The reason you are no longer having to push hard is the glass is no longer making contact with the rubber seal.

How much does it cost?

Total cost is $29.99 USD. It can be ordered through PayPal. PayPal accepts major credit cards. Ordering through PayPal will ensure quick and convenient ordering and product delivery is usually within 10 to 15 days. Please note that Canadian customers are asked to now order through PayPal. Click on Buy It Now to order an EZ Vent at $29.99 USD.

I am an international customer, can I order a product from you?

We only fulfill orders in North America ( Canada and United States).

Single Order(s): EZ Vent $29.99 per Unit

Shipping and handling fees?

At this time there is no additional charge for shipping and handling fees.

Why so reasonably priced?

The low production cost make it an affordable hatch vent. EZ Vent is a simple and unique design compared to other hatch vents available.

Quick overview on EZ Vent:

  1. Designed by a fellow Corvette enthusiast & C4 Corvette owner
  2. Made in Canada
  3. Simple unique design
  4. Secure
  5. Compatible with light/alarm systems
  6. Main components made of steel
  7. No tools needed to install
  8. EZ & quick install
  9. Affordable $29.99 USD includes shipping !!!
  10. Works great!

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