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C4 EZ-Jack-Adapter Device

EZ-Jack.JPG (5K) EZ-Jack.JPG (5K) EZ-Jack.JPG (5K) EZ-Jack.JPG (5K)

What is it?

C4 EZ-Jack-Adapter is a steel device to fit a hydraulic floor jack and designed to lift both rear wheels of a C4 Corvette in one motion. It is lifted at the differential. This unit is strictly a lifting adapter device and proper jack stands must be used to support the weight of vehicle. Never go under a vehicle that is not properly supported.

C4s that have been lowered or have non-stock mounted exhaust may require simple wood spacers.

Note: If you have an after market exhaust system and there is no cross over / balancing tube between the center muffler and the spare tire carrier, then the jack adapter should work as described. (Please check your exhaust system prior to ordering.)

How does it work?

EZ-Jack-Adapter is a device that is designed to fit a hydraulic floor jack. It is designed to work easily with a stock C4 Corvette exhaust system using a low profile hydraulic floor jack with a minimum 1 ton rating. When lifting, the steel jack adapter slips between exhaust pipes to lift vehicle on the differential. Again remember, this is strictly a lifting adapter device and proper jack stands must be used to support the weight of vehicle.

If you have a floor jack with a removable lifting plate then install the 1" diameter steel button in the threaded hole of the wide flange. A pipe wrench or vise grips may be required to ensure it is on tightly. Using the 1" steel button is optional.

Place the EZ-Jack-Adapter Device on the end of hydraulic floor jack. From the rear of the car, push the floor jack past the spare tire carrier. Slightly raise the floor jack as required for the top narrow flange with the rubber pad to clear above your exhaust pipes but still slide under the differential housing. (The vertical steel web should be between the exhaust pipes.) When you have approximately 1" of the top flange still sticking out behind the differential housing you are in position to lift the vehicle. Place proper jack stands to support the weight of vehicle.

EZ-Jack.JPG (5K) EZ-Jack.JPG (5K)
EZ-Jack.JPG (5K) EZ-Jack.JPG (5K)

Why was this new product/design created by the GadgetMan?

This product was initially designed and made for a friend in Canada who also owns a C4. The price of buying a catalogue-ordered adapter plus shipping to Canada would have been very expensive at $100+. This new alternative design style of jack adapter was made by the CorvetteGadgetMan for his friend, and now, other C4 friends. It was designed as a quality product offered to C4 owners at an affordable price and an alternative product/solution to lift a C4 that works great!

What does it look like?

The device is made of steel and has a rubber cushion attached to the top of the unit for contact with the differential/rear end. A threaded steel button is included (use is optional). The unit is painted black. The rubber pad on the top flange is attached using contact cement. This pad has been glued on to avoid using bolts or screws that could possibly mark your differential housing. It may be necessary from time to time to glue the pad back on. Simply use a household contact cement and leave the adapter upside down an a flat surface overnight to set.

Installation is EZ?

It is a very quick and EZ install. Installation instructions are provided with the jack adapter for inserting the steel button, if needed. It is very straight forward. If you have any questions whatsoever send a message through this website.

Warning: For safety reasons, NEVER jack the car up with a floor jack without blocking the wheels that are still on the floor/ground and NEVER go under a car that is supported by just a floor jack, or any jack. ALWAYS use good quality jack stands to support a vehicle before going under it.

How much does it cost?

Total cost is $60.00 USD. It can be ordered through PayPal. PayPal accepts major credit cards. Ordering through PayPal will ensure quick and convenient ordering. Product delivery is usually within 10 to 15 days. Please note that Canadian customers are asked to order through PayPal. PayPal is in US currency only. Click on Buy Now to order.

I am an international customer, can I order a product from you?

We only fulfill orders in North America (Canada and United States).

Shipping and handling fees?

At this time there is no additional charge for shipping and handling fees as cost has been factored into the unit price. Please note: As the unit is made of steel, the shipping and handling costs may be revisited in a few months due to the bulk weight cost per unit and if necessary the total unit price adjusted. If the price increases it will be noted on this site.

Why so reasonably priced?

The low production cost make it an affordable devise.

C4EZ Jack Adapter Device $60.00

Buy Now?

Click on PayPal's icon Buy Now. This will take you to a PayPal's site for ordering an EZ-Jack-Adapter device. The address you provide on the PayPal order will be the mailing address where the Jack-Adapter will be mailed. GadgetMan is notified directly by PayPal when an order is placed. Personal credit card information is never provided to the GadgetMan.

C4 EZ-Jack-Adapter - $60.00 US (Canada and USA orders)

Quick Overview on C4 EZ Jack-Adapter device:

  1. Simple and unique design lifting adapter device
  2. Made of steel
  3. Quality product
  4. Slips nicely between exhaust pipes to lift vehicle on differential/rear end
  5. EZ to attach to hydraulic floor jack with steel button (optional)
  6. Rubber cushioning on differential contact area
  7. Affordable price
  8. Designed by a fellow Corvette enthusiast & C4 owner from Canada
  9. Slick gadget and works great!

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