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What is it?

C5 EZ Vent is a NEW unique style of hatch vent for C5 Corvettes. There has been an increased interest in the EZ Vent as it is a new unique design and an alternative hatch vent solution for C5 Coupes, Hardtops, and Convertibles. EZ Vent is compatible with interior light/alarm systems and is a secure unit. Yes, it may look similar to the C4 EZ Vent style of hatch vent and work in a similar fashion as the C4 style of hatch vent but the C5 EZ Vent is different.

For those Corvette enthusiasts who have the pleasure of owning both a C4 and a C5, do not use a C4 EZ Vent in a C5. They are not a compatible design and stock latch mechanisms are different.

How does it work?

A hatch vent is a device designed to hold the rear window open approximately 2 inches to allow air flow through the passenger compartment with the roof off. It will reduce the wind turbulence/resonance noise. A hatch vent will allow the interior to stay cooler when parked with the roof on.

As an additional comment on the use of a C5 EZ Vent. This particular style of hatch vent has been used in a few other vehicles, such as SUV's, camaros and firebirds for the rear window hatch mechanism. It was not initially designed for this use but works well.

Please note: As with all hatch vent devices, it is not recommended to drive the vehicle with the roof on and the hatch open as this could possibly draw exhaust fumes into the passenger compartment. Other situations such as driving slow, heavy tailwind, etc. could reduce air flow through the passenger compartment and allow exhaust fumes to enter through the rear hatch. As with all such hatch vent devices you will notice that there will be some movement of the hatch/trunk lid when driving. This is normal as the hatch/trunk lid is no longer making tight contact with the rubber seal. some movement of the glass/hatch window when driving.

Why was this new product/design created by the GadgetMan?

As many Corvette owners can attest to, when your vehicle is parked with the roof on the interior of the Corvette can get very very hot. The other problem was travelling with the roof off and the wind would flow naturally to the hatch area and this created a wind resonance buffeting noise which was hard on the ears. Having heard such positive comments on how hatch vents would resolve both these problems it was decided to get one. An "EZ Vent" hatch vent was initially designed for the GadgetMan's C4 Coupe. (Refer to C4 EZ Vent for more background details and photos.)

A number of C5 owners approached the "GadgetMan" regarding a vent mechanism for their C5. They were impressed with the simplicity and design of the C4 EZ Vent.

What does it look like?

It is a compact unit. C5 EZ Vent is made of steel. The unit is a steel hook and clamp assembly that holds the hatch/trunk lid open. It is either painted or rubber coated. The C5 EZ Vent may look similar to the C4 EZ Vent but it is very different. The C5 EZ Vent has a cushion insert and is a different size to work with the C5 latch mechanism. Each piece is hand crafted. An additional cushion is provided, if needed.

C5 Coupes require two units as vehicle has two latch mechanisms. C5 Hardtops and Convertibles require one unit. Please note that as this hatch vent gadget is made of steel, the paint may be scratched on the stock latch mechanism when snugging it up. If this is a concern, simply add a tiny piece of rubber as a cushion between the clamp screw and the vehicle latch when fastening. Your choice.

Installation instructions are included with the unit. It is neatly packaged in a small packet for storage when not in use. The console area between the seats is a great storage spot for it on those rainy summer days.

Installation is EZ?

It is a very quick and EZ install. No tools are required to install. It is very straight forward.

Once EZ Vent is installed the rear window does not need to be pushed down hard. Close the window slowly and it should just "click" into place nicely. The reason you are no longer having to push hard is the hatch/trunk is no longer making contact with the rubber seal.

How much does it cost?

C5 Hardtops and/or Convertibles require ONE unit at a total cost of $26.99 USD.
C5 Coupes require TWO units at a total cost of $42 USD.

It can be ordered through PayPal. PayPal accepts major credit cards. Ordering through PayPal will ensure quick and convenient ordering and product delivery is usually within 10 to 15 days. Please note that Canadian customers are asked to now order through PayPal. Click on Buy Now to order a C5 EZ Vent. Be sure you order the correct unit, ie. C5 Hardtop / Convertible or C5 Coupe

I am an international customer, can I order a product from you?

We only fulfill orders in North America (Canada and United States).

Shipping and handling fees?

At this time there is no additional charge for shipping and handling fees. It is included in the cost of the gadget.

Why so reasonably priced?

The low production cost make it an affordable hatch vent. EZ Vent is a simple and unique design.

Buy Now?

Click on PayPal's icon Buy Now. This will take you to a PayPal's site for ordering an EZ Vent. Note: The address you provide on the PayPal order will be the mailing address where your EZ Vent is mailed. GadgetMan is notified directly by PayPal when an order is placed and orders are usually mailed out the following day. Personal credit card information is never provided to GadgetMan

C5 EZ Vent - $42 US (Canada and USA orders)

C5 EZ Vent - Convertible or Hardtop - $26.99 US (Canada and USA orders)

Quick overview on EZ Vent:

  1. Designed by a fellow Corvette enthusiast & Corvette owner
  2. Made in Canada
  3. Simple unique design
  4. Secure
  5. Compatible with light/alarm systems
  6. Main components made of steel
  7. No tools needed to install
  8. EZ & quick install
  9. Affordable
  10. Works great!

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