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C4 and C5 Auto Headlight DEFEAT (1990-2004 models)

What is it?

Auto Headlight DEFEAT is a solution-based gadget to defeat the annoying flipping headlight problem experienced by Corvette owners who own Corvettes built for Canada. The DEFEAT is a resistor designed to override the automatic headlight system on 1990 to 2004 Corvettes, C4s and C5s. Auto Headlight DEFEAT, a simple solution to your annoying auto headlight problem. It allows you take back control of your headlights!
The DEFEAT is now universal* and can be installed in other GM vehicles as well as C4 and C5 Corvettes. *July 2008 by GadgetMan.

Canadian Vette - Yes or No?

How to tell if you have a Corvette originally built for Canada? Many ask this question. Here is an easy way to find out. Check the water temperature and oil pressure gauges. If vehicle is built for Canada, they will be in metric.
This auto headlight feature is standard equipment in vehicles built for Canada.

How does it work?

The Auto Headlight DEFEAT device is a resistor gadget designed to override the automatic headlight sensor system on 1990 to 2004 Corvettes. The Auto Headlight DEFEAT creates a false signal in the circuit which tells the headlight relay that there is enough light to run with lights off. First - you need to know where to locate the sensor. In the C4 Corvettes, it is directly above the steering wheel on the top of the dash. It is a FLAT round bezel on the dash. On C5 Corvettes it is located in the center of the dash in the defroster grill. You can test this by parking outside in daylight, start vehicle, cover up the light sensor and wait to see if the headlights activate.
By following the easy installation instructions provided, the DEFEAT simply clips between the two wires going to the light sensor. Once installed, the headlights are manually controlled. You can now simply turn the headlights on and off with the dash control. No more flipping headlights! You have to remember to manually turn your headlights on at night but your car has a chime to remind you to turn them off when the ignition is turned off.
An observation - contrary to popular belief the light sensor in your dash does not turn your headlights on at night. The default setting for the headlights is "always on" unless the sensor reads enough light to turn them off. Therefore, removing the stock sensor or cutting the wires will put your headlights on permanently.

Why was this new product/design created by the GadgetMan?

As an owner of a C4 and C5 Corvette built for Canada, the auto headlight system was very frustrating. Starting your vehicle when in a garage, driving in underground parking areas or traveling under a bridge, the headlights would pop up. In the morning and evening when the sun was at a low angle and through shadows on the road, the headlights would turn on and a few seconds later turn off! Auto Headlight DEFEAT was created and the headlight problem resolved.

What does it look like?

It is a small circuit board/resistor with connectors. It matches the resistance of your light sensor when the headlights are off.

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Installation is EZ?

It is a very quick and EZ install (C4 - 15 minutes; C5 - 25 minutes). Two household tools may be needed to install - a small flat screwdriver/device and pliers. Installation instructions are provided with the Defeat package. It is very straight forward. Once the DEFEAT is installed you can easily test the lights by covering the light sensor. Headlights should not flip up. You must remember to always turn your lights on and off using the manual control knob. If for any reason you want to return to stock auto headlights simply cut the wires between the colored (pink) connectors and the DEFEAT and tape the wire ends with electrical tape. Simple. Comment: If you have the original C4 DEFEAT in your vehicle, you do not need to purchase this Gadget. They both serve the same purpose, we've just made the C4 Defeat universal to match the C5 style, and for other vehicles.

I am an international customer, can I order a product from you?

We only fulfill orders in North America (Canada and United States).

How much does it cost?

Total cost is $18 USD. It can be ordered through PayPal. PayPal accepts major credit cards. Ordering through PayPal will ensure quick and convenient ordering. Product delivery is usually within 10 days. Please note that Canadian customers are asked to order through PayPal. This is the easiest method for receiving payment. PayPal is in US currency only. Click on Buy It Now to order. Single Order(s): C5-Style DEFEAT $18 per unit

Shipping and handling fees?

At this time there is no additional charge for shipping and handling fees.

Why so reasonably priced?

The DEFEAT is the solution to your auto headlight annoyance problems. The low production cost make it an affordable device. Again, this gadget is a "solution" to the annoying headlight pop-up.

Great Offer

Quantity orders have been suggested therefore have started a Buddy 6-Pack through PayPal. If you order a 6-Pack you will receive 6 individually packaged products with installation instructions. Buddy 6-Pack is mailed only to the person who has placed the order through PayPal. Think about it -share solution/products with your C4 buddies, split the cost, or be a great buddy and give as gifts

"Buddy 6-Pack" offer is only available by ordering directly through this website.

Quantity Order Buddy 6-Pack: Auto Headlight DEFEAT $66 (6@$11 each!)

Buy It Now?

Click on PayPal's icon Buy It Now. This will take you to a PayPal's site for ordering a Auto Headlight DEFEAT. Note: The address you provide on the PayPal order will be the mailing address where DEFEAT is mailed. GadgetMan is notified directly by PayPal when an order is placed.

Quick Overview on C5-Style Auto Headlight DEFEAT:

  1. Designed by a fellow Corvette enthusiast & C4 Corvette owner
  2. Made in Canada
  3. You have control of your lights "ON or OFF" it's now up to you!
  4. Only one simple tool for installation - pliers.
  5. Easy & quick installation.
  6. Headlight reminder chime system still functional
  7. Easy to return to stock Auto Headlight feature within minutes
  8. No cutting or soldering required!!!
  9. Affordable $18 USD includes shipping !!!
  10. Works great in C5 Corvettes, and OTHER CARS TOO!!!!

We wish to acknowledge RAY M. from Ontario Canada for providing the pictures of his 1998 C5 (aka "FFIN90" on chat forum)

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